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Songwriting resources

Songwriting links and websites: Reference videos for Mastering Melody Writing book

—videos on music production for songwriters “Beat Making for Songwriters”

Login: password: lapa2021

username: lanaiacademy 

password: lapa2021


There are great 2 interactive books and one program called Hookpad:


The hookpad program lets you create full songs with chords and melody works best on a computer or tablet. It’s fun and easy to use—to get you started you can check out the video tutorials:


There’s also this link which is cool and shows popular chord progressions and lists all the songs that use each one:


Rhyming dictionaries:, (login:, password: lapa2021

Poetry writing:


Educational songwriting sites:


Sync licensing for TV/Film: (you can find out what songs are on any TV show/film)

iSpot.TV —all ads and TV commercials (click “see music licensing opportunities”) 


Hire music producers, vocalists, etc.,

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